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Opening Ceremony Speech By The President Of The Society For Aids In Africa (Saa) At The 1st International Steering Committee Meeting Abidja-Cote D’ivoire.

Source: Society for AIDS in Africa Dear Honorable members of the International Steering committee of ICASA 2017, dear representative of the government of Cote d’Ivoire, dear Representative of the Governor of Abidjan, dear Regional and country representative of the UN System, dear Representative of the ARNS, dear Representative of the AU, dear representative of various countries local and regional organizations, dear Honorable members of various scientific organizations and NGO’s, dear Honorable members of SAA,  all protocol observed … I would like to [...]


Agenda for the 1st International Steering Committee Meeting from 25th to 26th November 2016

OBJECTIVES: Finalize the Theme and objectives of the 19th edition of ICASA Select an appropriate logo from the shortlisted competition logos Agree on the key dates and road map Review ICASA abstract titles and sub-titles Identify best strategy for resource mobilisation ( ICASA 2017 budget) Agree on the communication strategy of the 19th edition Propose ICASA 2017 draft plenary session topics and speakers CHAIRS: Dr. Ihab AHMED: President, Society of AIDS in Africa (SAA) / Chair of ICASA 2017 Dr Coffie Goudou, Minister of Health and Public Hygiene (Cote d’Ivoire) Co-chair [...]