In order to contest or be nominated for a position on the SAA Administrative Council, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. The candidate must be educated to second degree level in Human/Medical/Behavioral or Social sciences (in a relevant field of study).
  2. The candidate must have a minimum of 5 years of work experience in the field of HIV/AIDS, STIs, Sexual & Reproductive Health, or other related issues.
  3. The candidate must have a minimum of 5 publications in a relevant field of work.
  4. The candidates should be able to make available the names and contacts of 3 referees who should have had work relationship with the candidate at some point.
  5. The candidate should have attended a minimum of 3 ICASAs, justify by the ICASA certificate of participation.
  6. The candidate should have paid his SAA membership fees for at least 3 subsequent years.

Critères d’éligibilités au conseil Administratif de la SAA :

  1. Avoir un niveau universitaire de 3 cycle en science sociale/médecine.
  2. Avoir un minimum de cinq années d’expériences de travail en santé reproductive, VIH/SIDA, MST ou des expériences relatives a votre spécialité.
  3. Avoir au moins cinq 5 publications a son actif.
  4. Fournir au moins trois références relatives aux fonctions occupées.
  5. Avoir participé au moins à 3 conférences ICASA/SISMA, justifiées par  les attestions de participation à la conférence
  6. S’acquitter de sa cotisation de membre sur 3 années consécutives.

Becoming a SAA Member(Individual, Institution, and Student)

SAA draws its membership from persons and organizations engaged in Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS-related activities. They may be recommended by the executive committee as honorary members on account of their special contribution to the fight against AIDS.

Benefits of SAA Membership 

* Prestige and career boost: SAA is a prestigious organization, becoming a member is an added advantage in the professional world both in the African and International community.
  * Research: the Society is developing a research database for Africa. On completion, members of SAA will readily have access to the database and their research will be included.

* Special registration fee and conference participation: The society holds a major conference biennially (ICASA) and a regional conference in the intermediate year. As a member of SAA, your registration fees to conferences organized by the Society will be slightly reduced compared to other rates from ICASA 2011. You will also have the opportunity to attend, participate/collaborate in the conference(s) as appropriate.

* Visibility and Publications: Being a SAA member will give visibility to your activities at the pan African level and you can have the opportunity to publish your work(s) in the SAA Newsletters.

* Membership of SAA professional registry: SAA is compiling a register of African professionals in various Health fields; you will automatically be listed as a professional in your field and SAA can facilitate collaboration with eminent scientists who are also members, on request and as appropriate. This could facilitate global networking with colleagues across continents.

Individual membership (USD25 /year)
Membership of the society is open to scientists/health researchers on HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health related issues.

Institution membership (USD150 /year)

Societies, (national, international) organizations, corporate bodies, having similar objectives, vision, and purpose as above can apply to be affiliated members of the SAA.
Below is a list of some of our collaborative members.

United Nation Agencies
International AIDS Society (IAS)
African Council of AIDS Service Organization (AfriCASO)
Youth Networks in Africa
Society for Women and AIDS(SWAA)
Network of African people living with HIV/AIDS (NAP+)

Student membership (USD10 /year)
For all students from 18-25 years old. Kindly submit your student ID scanned copy for verification and approval to before you proceed with your registration.

Application Procedure

Application for membership could be done by filling the membership form available on this website or apply through a written application letter addressed to the Secretary-General and must include CV, publications/ research work carried out. This should be sent to