Group Picture of the 1st ISC Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda 7th – 8th June, 2018

The 20th edition of the International Conference on AIDS and STI’s in Africa (ICASA) is scheduled to be hosted in Kigali, Rwanda from 2nd – 7th December, 2019 at the Kigali Convention Center. According to the preparation plan towards ICASA 2019, the Society for AIDS in Africa(SAA) and the host country, the Government of Rwanda, organized the 1st  International Steering Committee meeting from 7th – 8th June, 2018.  The 1st International Steering Committee meeting which took place at the Kigali Serena Hotel was attended by 57 members coming from 16 countries to deliberate to plan the ICASA 2019 programme. The 20th ICASA programme is expected to address the current trends in HIV and AIDS focusing on the global push towards a generation free of the pandemic as well as a strengthened health system on our continent capable of handling Africa’s current health challenges. The ICASA 2019 Steering Committee is composed of representatives from SAA, the host country, the UN System, Regional National AIDS Councils, communities, international, regional and national scientific institutions and representatives of other relevant international organizations.


After rigorous deliberations, the following theme was selected out of the 12 submissions received:


Innovation, Community and Political Leadership



  1. Promote community, scientific and technological innovations for ending AIDS
  2. Advocate for financing sustainable national health responses, political leadership and accountability.
  3. Advocate for strengthened health systems and multi-sectoral collaboration to integrate co-morbidities, emerging infections and NCDs.
  4. Re-think gender norms, human rights-based approaches and inclusion towards equitable and accessible HIV and AIDS services including those targeting key populations.
  5. Promote youth-driven and youth-friendly approaches for an AIDS-free generation


Out of 46 logos received by the ICASA International Secretariat, the 1st ISC meeting was faced with a huge challenge in selecting the best as all the shortlisted logo were deemed to be good and were in line with the concept note. After intense deliberations, the winner of the ICASA 2019 logo design competition was Mr. Komlanvi APEVINYEKOU from Togo who will receive an award of US$1000 at ICASA 2019. It is important to note that ICASA Conference remains dear to the African continent and its people as the winner of the 19th ICASA logo was Miss Lilian Kuusima from Uganda. 



 Plenary topics, key dates and road map, abstract titles and sub-titles were validated during the meeting under the leadership of ICASA 2019 President, Prof. John Idoko and Hon. Dr. Diane Gashumba, Minister of Health of Rwanda, the ICASA 2019 Vice President.


Scientific Committee Plenary Topics:
1. Towards a Cure: Vaccines and Reservoir research. 
2. Operationalizing the implementation of innovative biomedical prevention (PrEP, microbicides, and long-acting ARVs).
3. How to optimize second and third line ARV regimens and prevent HIV drug resistance through differentiated care in Africa.
4. Integrating HIV care with emerging infections, comorbidities and NCDs.
5. What will it take to achieve eMTCT and the 90-90-90 goals for children in Africa?


Leadership Committee Plenary Topics:
1. African Heads of State towards an AIDS Free Africa: What does it take!
2. Political Leadership to advance SDG 3 and promote inclusivity of vulnerable populations.
3. Promoting stronger community-led leadership for ending AIDS in Africa.
4. Stronger positioning of women leadership in Africa in the HIV response.
5. Youth leadership at the centre of the HIV response.


Community Committee Plenary Topics:
1. Community Innovation and Technology to ending AIDS.
2. Health Financing; Community and Private sector engagement for Increased domestic funding.
3. Community based monitoring for quality service delivery.
4. Accessing services for People living with Disabilities.
5. Addressing social structures to increase access to services and agency for Adolescent Girls and young women.


The 2nd ISC meeting is scheduled for 28th – 29th March, 2019. The ICASA International Secretariat will be in Amsterdam for AIDS 2018. Delegates are encouraged to visit our booth (Booth 214 in the Exhibition Area) to redeem their membership fee.


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The Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA), the custodian of ICASA was founded in 1989 at the fourth International Symposium on AIDS and Associated Cancers in Africa (now ICASA) held in Marseille, France by a group of African scientists, activists and advocates in response to this epidemic. SAA envisions an African continent free of HIV, TB and malaria and their debilitating effects on communal and societal structures, where people are socially and economically empowered to live productive lives in dignity. For more information on SAA please visit


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