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SAA Meritorious Award


The SAA AWARD 2016 Ceremony took place on the 3rd August, 2016, at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. The Event was earmarked to award various personalities that played major roles in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa in the last decade.

Among the Recipients of the SAA Meritorious Award included;

  • Professor Souleymane Mboup (Senegal),
  • Dr. Pierre Mpele (Congo Brazzaville),
  • Professor James Gita Hakim (Zimbabwe)
  • Dr. Angela El-Adas (Ghana)


Dr. Pierre Mpele being presented his SAA Meritorious Award by Hon. Mr. Alex Segbefia (Health Minister Ghana)

Dr. Pierre Mpele being presented his SAA Meritorious Award by Hon. Mr. Alex Segbefia (Health Minister Ghana)

Dr. Angela El- Adas being presented her SAA Meritorious Award by Hon. Dr. Pagwesese David Parirenyatwa (Health Minister Zimbabwe)

Dr. Angela El- Adas being presented her SAA Meritorious Award by Hon. Dr. Pagwesese David Parirenyatwa (Health Minister Zimbabwe)




pierreDr M’PELE is an African AIDS activist and pioneer, SAA founder, HIV/AIDS researcher and programme manager, he described and notified the first HIV/AIDS case in Brazzaville, Congo in 1984. He headed the National AIDS Control Programme from 1987 to 1998 as a Director and coordinated the National Scientific and prevention HIV/AIDS Committee from 1985 to 1998 as Executive Secretary.

Dr. M’PELE was simultaneously Director of the National Laboratory of Public Health, Cité Louis Pasteur where he led the National HIV/AIDS research Programme, Medical Chief of the first HIV/AIDS Treatment Center at the Teaching Medical Hospital of Brazzaville and Advisor in charge Health including HIV/AIDS, Social Protection and Science to the Presidency of the Republic of Congo.

In 1995, Dr. M’PELE was elected President of the African Society against AIDS during the ICASA held in Kampala until 2005.

Member of President of South Africa Thabo MBEKI Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel (2000) From 2000 to 2004, Dr. M’PELE led the UNAIDS Inter-country Technical Support Team for West and Central Africa (25 countries) based in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), and UNAIDS Country Director for Nigeria from 2004 to 2007 where he contributed to boost the Federal and States HIV/AIDS Programme with Dr Babatunde Osotimehim Chairman of the Nigeria National Action Committee on AIDS and current UNFPA Executive Director.

From April 2007, Dr. M’Pelé served as WHO Representative in Equatorial Guinea , Togo, Ethiopia and currently in Benin Republic.

Dr. M’PELE is the author and co-author of numerous books and published more than 100 scholarly and scientific articles on HIV/AIDS. He led significant research on HIV/AIDS to contribute to better understanding of the epidemic and the disease in Africa such as Sexual transmission of Kaposi sarcoma, HIV and Herpes zoster co-infection, HIV and TB co-infection, Mother to child HIV transmission, innovative strategies on prevention, etc….

The New York Times in September 1988 about HIV/AIDS, quoted Dr M’Pelé: ‘ If there is no vaccine, it will be like a war for us ‘ as a – quote of the day Dr. M’PELE has received several scientific awards such as the 1988 Noury Lemarrié Award from the French Society of Exotic Pathology “the best young researcher of the year”. He is also Commander of the French Legion of honor (1996).

Dr M’Pelé has been honored: Knight of the Senegalese National Order of the Lion (1998) and Knight of the National Order of Burkina Faso (2000) in recognition of his leadership as SAA President. Public Health Medal of Honor of the Republic of Congo and Knight of the Congolese merit (1989) for his national contribution to HIV/AIDS Response. Health development Hero of Ethiopia (2015)



jameJames Gita Hakim MBChB, MMed, MMedSci, FRCP(UK), DSc(HC) PGDipHPE

James  G.  Hakim  is  Professor  of  Medicine;  formerly  Chair  of  Medicine  at  the  University  of  Zimbabwe  College  of  Health  Sciences.  He  is  Director  of  the  UZ  Clinical Research Centre and a Co-PI in the UZ-UCSF Collaborative  Research  Program.  Hakim  is  the  Principal  Investigator  of  the  UZ  Medical  Education  Partnership  Initiative-NECTAR  (Programmatic,  Cardiovascular and Mental Health awards). He is PI of a recent NIH/Fogarty award (PERFECT), an initiative for advanced research training of junior academic staff.

James Hakim trained at Makerere University, Uganda (MBChB), University of Nairobi, Kenya (MMed-internal medicine), UK (MRCP-UK); University of New castle, Australia (MMedSci-Clinical Epidemiology) University of Cape Town (Health Professions Education). He did post-doc in Cardiology at Aachen, Germany. He is a fellow of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London and Edinburgh. In 2016 he was awarded a Doctor of Science Degree in Medicine (HC) by University College London.

He has diverse research interests including HIV/AIDS, Opportunistic Infections and Cardiovascular Diseases. He has been involved in seminal HIV research through funding and collaboration with MRC-CTU (UK), UK aid, NIH (USA), EDCTP (Europe), etc. He has authored/co-authored more than 150 articles, book chapters and scientific communications.  He is a member of several national and international organizations encompassing regulatory, advisory, programmatic and scientific portfolios.



mboupProfessor Souleymane Mboup born in 1951 in Dakar Senegal is an internationally renowned scientist. Co-discovered HIV-2  virus;  has  conducted  extensive  AIDS  research  with Senegalese prosititutes since 1980s;

Making a significant contribution to the fight against AIDS, Soulemayne Mboup has greatly expanded scientific knowledge of the disease in Africa and has collaborated with top AIDS researchers in the United States. He is credited as one of the discoverers of the HIV-2 virus, and has done extensive work in developing epidemiological studies of AIDS.

Professor Souleymane Mboup received a Pharm D degree at the University of Dakar in Senegal in 1976, an Immunology MS degree at Pasteur Institute in France in 1981 and a PHD in Bacteriology Virology in 1983 in TOURS (France). Professor Mboup is distinguished for his important contributions to the analysis and control of HIV/AIDS in West Africa, particularly Senegal. He was instrumental in the initial identification of HIV-2 and also contributed to the finding that this virus is less virulent and less transmissible than HIV-1. He maintains active research collaboration with several academicians in France, the US and the UK. Several of his trainees now hold influential positions at international agencies such as the WHO. He was thus a natural choice as a member of the Partnership Board on the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP).

He has a growing contribution in malaria and tuberculosis which like HIV/AIDS, are major public health problems that are exceedingly difficult to control. He has undertaken very elegant molecular studies of genetics and transcriptomics of the malaria parasite that contribute to the choice of drugs for control of malaria. He has recently undertaken  state  of  the  art  immuno-monitoring  of  the  prevalence  and  incidence  of  tuberculosis  infection  and  disease  in  Dakar  using  improved  ELISPOT-based  assays for the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection and also provides baseline data for the assessment of new TB vaccines. Professor MBOUP has authored or co-authored 250 publications and 20 books.



Director General

Dr. Angela El-Adas has been the Director General of the Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) since July 2009.

As Director General of the GAC, she has led, among others,  the  development  of  national  strategic  documents including  the  National Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS (NSP) 2011-2015 and 2016-2020; a National Strategy and Standard Operation Procedures  for  Key  Populations;  as  well  as  the  revision  of  the  Ghana  HIV  &  AIDS/STI  Policy, which currently guide Ghana’s response to HIV and AIDS. She is responsible for coordinating the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the country’s HIV programme, guiding advocacy, as well as the generation of strategic information and financing.

Dr. El-Adas holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Ghana Medical School and a Masters of Public Health degree with a certificate in Women’s and Reproductive Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is trained for strategic leadership in population and reproductive health programmes and has worked as an independent consultant to the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins University and a Senior Research Technologist at the Pennsylvania State University.

She combined a multidisciplinary clinical practice with research, while championing the sexual and reproductive health needs of women and other vulnerable populations at the Regional Institute of Population Studies, University of Ghana.

Dr. El-Adas is driven by a personal commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of all infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. Sheis committed to ensuring that access to comprehensive  and  integrated  HIV  prevention,  treatment,  care and  support  is  guaranteed for every citizen; through an effective, efficient and sustainable national response, competently steered under the leadership of the Ghana AIDS Commission.


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