Track 1 Broadening Scientific & Epidemiological Evidence in Humans, Animals & the Environment (One Health Concept)

1) Gathering & harnessing/assembling available Evidence

2) Generating evidence to inform preparedness

3) Creating a platform for identifying challenges


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Track 2: Resource Mobilization & Systems Strengthening

1) Advocate for Sustained Commitment to adequate Resources and Systems Strengthening

2) To advocate for shared responsibility & African Commitment


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Track 3: Epidemic Response & Prevention, Socio Cultural Communication, Control & Impact Mitigation

To propose strategies and applicable mechanisms for prevention of outbreak

To enhance community resilience and preparedness in the prevention of the epidemic

To document relevant community experiences & practices for appropriate communication towards prevention and impact mitigation


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Track 4: Advocacy, Policy Review, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

1) To provide inputs for developing a framework for advocacy, policy, research & monitoring & evaluation


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