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Tunisia to host the 18th Edition of the International Conference on AIDS and STis (ICASA 2015) in November 2015


The Society for AIDS in Africa was established in Kinshasa in October 1990 during the 5th International Conference on AIDS and Associated Cancers in Africa, a precursor to the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA). The formation of the Society for AIDS in Africa, which was facilitated by the (W.H.O), put an end to the practice of holding International Conference on AIDS in Africa outside of the African continent. This move encourages and empowered Africans to directly address and respond to the challenges posed by the HIV and AIDS pandemic in the continent.

SAA delegation with the Government of Tunisian

SAA delegation with the Government of Tunisian

The Society envision an HIV free Africa with capacity to confront all attending consequences and related diseases such as (Tuberculosis and Malaria), and it promotes positives environment and research on HIV and related diseases. The society for AIDS in AFRICA (SAA) is governed by an Executive Council drawn from South, North, East, West and Central Africa. The society has just concluded its fifth Administrative Council election to renew it Executive membership. SAA collaborates with Africaso, SA FAIDS, SWAA, NAP+, and Network of Youth in Africa and enjoy the support of the UN- System, as well as various International organizations, including the International AIDS Society (IAS)

Since its inception, SAA has successfully organized 17th International Conference on HIV /AIDS and STIs in 16th countries in Africa. The 2013 International Conference on AIDS and STIs was held in Cape Town, and more than 5000 delegates were in attendance. However, at the eve of the conference, our great leader and HIV advocate, Nelson Mandela passed on. It was a memorial event for each delegate to pay their tribute to the legendary leader in Cape Town.

On the 13th of May 2014, in Tunis, at the Ministry of Health, The right to host the 18th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA 2015) was conferred to Tunisia. Tunisia’s selection is a result of a vigorous evaluation of 3 countries that bided to host the ICASA 2015 event.

With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Association Tunisienne de lutte contre les MST/SIDA (ATLMST-Tunis) and SAA with the strong support of the Tunisia Government, it is my pleasure to officially declare Tunisia as the next host country of ICASA 2015!

We are conscious of the huge task ahead of the host country in preparing for ICASA 2015. It is our hope that the Government of Ethiopia with our local partner in organizing ICASA 2015, will further motivate all African countries’ Governments, International community to devote more attention, and commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS and other health related issues in Africa.

We are hereby appealing to all to follow closely the unveiling of ICASA 2015 program, and to lend your support to Tunisia, at the eve of the MGD goals, so that ICASA 2015 reflects lessons learnt that will foster the new direction of the post MDG strategies, to move Africa towards stronger health systems, and to eliminate HIV, TB and Malaria.

I would like to also appeal to all NGOs, private and public sector, the international community to support the upcoming ICASA 2015.

Please visit SAA website www.saafrica.org to follow up on news and information on ICASA 2015. I look forward to welcoming you all in the culturally rich and beautiful Tunisia.

Dr Ihab Ahmed
ICASA 2015 President
Society for AIDS IN Africa President

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