Coronavirus – SAA Solidarity with China

Coronavirus – SAA Solidarity with China

Press release – 13th February 2020 Embargo: none (for immediate release)
Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA)

Prof John Idoko SAA President ICASA 2021 President
Prof John Idoko SAA President ICASA 2021 President

The President, Professor John Idoko and the Board of the Society for AIDS in Africa are cognizant of the far reaching effects of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus and would like to express our solidarity and support to all who are affected directly or indirectly by the outbreak in Wuhan, China at large and the global community. We also applaud the herculean effort of all health care workers and health entities globally contributing to the management and control of the outbreak.

As Coronavirus has been classified as a global emergency by the World Health Organization, we would like to take this opportunity to state that the importance of disease surveillance and control cannot be over emphasized in Africa in the wake of the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We therefore appeal to African Heads of State and their appropriate government departments to increase their Health Budgets to implement effective early warning systems as well as disease surveillance and control measures.   

Let’s stay strong together.

Society for Aids in Africa (SAA).


About The Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA)

The Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA), the organizers of ICASA was founded in 1989 at the fourth International Symposium on AIDS and Associated Cancers in Africa (call ICASA) held in Marseille, France by a group of African scientists, activists and advocates in response to this epidemic. SAA envisions an African continent free of HIV, TB and malaria and emerging infections, where the communities are empowered, with no stigma and discrimination against PLHIV, key populations and their families and where there is social justice, and equity to accessing treatment, care and support. For more information on SAA please visit .

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