Executive Members

Executive Members


The Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA), custodian of the International Conference on HIV/AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) recently organized the elections of the new board of the governing council members for a term of four-year. The elections were conducted electronically and transparently with all active members of SAA, casting their vote for a candidate within their constituencies. The SAA electorate is grouped into five regions across the African continent: Northern Region, Southern Region, Eastern Region, Western Region and Central Region.

The SAA constitution in its articles 10.1 and 10.1.2 provide for elections to be held every four years to vote new members in or reinstate existing members of the board.

A voting platform was developed by SAA and access was given to SAA paid members to vote according to the five(5) geographical regions of Africa for Administrative Council. This elections was held from 3rd to 30th April, 2018.

It is with great excitement that The SAA congratulates its active members who diligently participated in the democratic process by voting nine out of fourteen candidates to the Administrative council.

Regions Western Southern Eastern Central
  1. Nigeria
  2. Senegal
  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Zambia
  1. Tanzania
  1. Somaliland
  1. Prof. John Idoko
  2. Prof. Tandakha Ndiaye Dieye
  1. Hon. Dr. David Pagwesese Parirenyatwa
  2. Professor James Hakim
  3. Dr. Namwinga Chintu
  1. Prof. Samuel E. Kalluvya
  1. Mrs. Sahra Guleid

Administrative Council Elections – procedure

To be nominated as candidate for SAA’s Board election, the candidate must:

  • be a registered and active member of SAA for three (3) consecutive years
  • Have attended at least three past ICASA’s.
  • The candidate must have a minimum of 5 years work experience in the field of HIV/AIDS, STIs, Sexual & Reproductive Health or other related issues. read more

When one is nominated to run for an Administrative Council office, the active registered members of SAA from that region have the power to vote for him.

A candidate is elected as SAA Board Member when he or she gets the highest votes of its constituency.

The representatives elected in each zone constitute the Administrative Council of SAA for a term of four-years.

The elected Administrative members during their 1st ordinary Board meeting will select through a democratic voting system their six executive board members for the here after positions President, Vice President, Secretary General, Deputy SG, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer.

SAA Administrative Council 2018-2021

Prof John Idoko
Hon. Dr. David Pagwesese Parirenyatwa
Prof. Tandakha Ndiaye Dieye
Mrs. Sahra Guleid
Dr. Namwinga Chintu
Prof. Samuel E. Kalluvya
Prof. James Hakim
Newly elected Executive Council Members in a photograph with UNFPA Ghana Country Director at SAA Head Quarters, Accra – Ghana
Newly elected Executive Council Members in a photograph with UNFPA Ghana Country Director at SAA Head Quarters, Accra – Ghana

SAA Executive Council

This board election is the 5th organized by the SAA permanent Secretariat (head quarters in Accra, Ghana) since its establishment in 2006, by Prof Femi Soyinka

The immediate past President of the 5th SAA governing Board officially handed over the leadership of the organization to the new SAA President Prof. John Idoko. In his speech, Dr. Ihab commended the outgoing fellow board members for their dedication and selflessness that permitted him to steer the affairs of SAA for the term of four years with good governance, integrity, and excellence. Dr. Ihab said and I quote: “Over the past years in office, we have demonstrated the need for a more innovative approach to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa, this has been achieved through various initiatives mainly ICASA conferences. We tried as much as possible to give more visibility and transparency to SAA as an institution. This humble achievement could not have been possible without the support and commitment of our various stakeholders, civil society organizations, UNAIDS, WHO, Ghana AIDS Commission, Donors and others”.

On 8th May 2018, the Fiesta Royale Hotel, Accra-Ghana, witnessed the renewal of governance of the Society for AIDS in Africa in accordance with articles 10.1, 10.2 and 12 of the SAA Constitution. After the regional electronic voting system which facilitated the elections of the new Administrative council members, six of the newly elected council members came to SAA’s Headquarters in Ghana to democratically elect their new Executive Council for a tenure of 4 years (2018-2021). The executive council elections were held at the SAA Permanent Secretariat, located at Adjiringanor, East Legon.

The presiding election officer was Prof. Robert Soudre from Burkina Faso, member of SAA board of Trustees, seconded by Dr. Amissa Bongo, immediate past Vice President as electoral commission secretary.

Download Report of the Executive Council Election